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Brazing & Welding

Quality Brazing and welding is an important skill, and one of our established suppliers specialises in Brazing.


Their key skills are in doing fast high quality brazing and welding runs. Speed of turnaround, and the correct job being done are important. Each shipment is separately inspected.


Work on wheelchair components and shop fitting displays are also mainstream jobs for them, as they utilise brazing and soldering. As well they do regular prototyping and tube manipulation.


Brazing wheelchair components including powdercoating, is standard, as well as racking for displays which are then chromed.


Additional services to give a turnkey solution are –


Powder coating
Mig & Tig Welding
Chrome and Zinc plating


These sets of skills are helpful where a finished product is wanted where speed, and quality, especially in brazing and soldering is essential.