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Sourcing English Products? source, supply, delivery of quality UK goods - Why use us?

As the UK Pound falls, then buying from the UK becomes better value for top quality products, but finding professional English suppliers who will reply back to you overseas, can be hard.


English Products, is used to sourcing professionally, and has been sourcing worldwide since 2003, but overseas buyers sometimes find it hard to get the service they want. Finding quality suppliers can be hard, we find UK manufacturers who make the goods, but perhaps are not used to exporting.


English Products are a professional easy to deal with company, who can find your products more easily than you can, and make it easier to do business with the UK


We add on a small commission to the price, which covers organising all of the job, negotiating best terms, firm delivery date, inspection, payment, shipping and delivery to you. We act as your agent, overseeing everything.


We are used to finding the best value UK companies, and make it easy to get the great value from professional English suppliers.


As well, we do not charge for sourcing. If you have a project, and we do not reach your target price, or find a supplier who can meet your delivery or quality needs, then there is no cost to you.


We make it easy doing business with the UK, and the UK is excellent for making top quality products.



"English Products - Making it easier to buy quality from the UK"