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English factory goods, quality factory sourced products from the UK

"Why buy from the UK ? - because you want quality, peace of mind and value !"


Quality - The UK has always been able to make the top quality factory products.

Innovation - The British have a well-deserved reputation for innovation and design leadership. Hovercraft, Dyson, the jet engine, software, Nuclear, music, fashion, TV. The UK is a leader in design and innovation.

Recognised Quality standards - The UK quality standards for manufactured factory goods are recognised around the world, and taken as standards for many other countries.

Ease of communication - English is the Business language. It is safer having communication in a language most people are familiar with, especially where technical terms can have such importance. Also, the British culture is well known, openness has great value in communication.

Honest and reliable contracts - Honour, and integrity matter. You cannot do good business with bad people, and English Products work with honest good reliable people. Contracts are safely enforceable by UK law, but most business is done on integrity.

Peace of mind - If you want an product of highest quality, manufactured to recognised standards by people who have been in the business for years, able to give a warranty if appropriate, and do what they say, then the UK makes good sense.


Value - The UK has long been a supplier of choice, but the price was always high. With the fall in the GBP of 30%, then to get the quality, assurance, and ease of doing business through English Products, then the UK is the logical choice from which to buy your products"



"English Products - Making it easier to buy quality from the UK"