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English Products - FAQ’s for product sourcing UK

Couldn’t I find these companies myself ?
Yes you can, but it would take a great deal of time, and then a fair number are not used to exporting, so may not be keen to deal with you. English Products takes care of all of that for you.


How much do you charge?
We add on a couple of percentage points to the delivered price, but of course, if you don’t go ahead, then we do all the work for nothing. It is in our interest to keep the price as keen as possible and get  you a good deal, so you have a strong price incentive to go ahead.


I know the company already, so why do I need you?
Often a local presence gives an increased sense of urgency. We can handle meetings fast, we know the culture, and can make sure that the right things happen. We manage everything for you. We can easily handle inspection either ourselves or oversee independent inspection. We do all we can to improve on the supplier relationship and ensure things happen at the right pace, and that we get the right quality.


Why should I use English Products?
Because you want the right job done easier. We find the best company, check all is ok, visiting the factory, checking references, approving the sample, handling the inspection, organising the shipping, and of course the payments. You use English Products because you want the job done well.


Also perhaps you do not want the supplier to know who you are, or maybe you find dealing with them too hard. 4 e-mails and still no reply, yet you know they make the right products. There can be many reasons, and apart from where law dictates otherwise, we keep all supplier and client data to ourselves.


What are the payment terms?
These are what ever the factory works with, that the client can accept. Typically 50% with order and 50% when the goods have passed inspection, but perhaps a transferable letter of credit.


How do I know the sample is right?
We agree who inspects it, and what the specification is. Usually the client knows what is right, and so will take responsibility to approve it. Other times, we can use separate testing facilities. Effectively we agree together what a correct sample needs to be.


What gets inspected?
We inspect what we agree needs inspecting. Of course there is inspection by sight, but depending upon the complexity of the product or service, then we work together to agree what is important to get done to ensure you have confidence the product will be right, and we manage that.


Who is my supplier?
We are. That way any agreement with the supplier is something we can easily pursue, the supplier works without the concerns of you the client being overseas.


Can I pay in any currency?
Yes, but we need to agree that currency upfront. GBP, USD, Euros or which ever you prefer,


What if the exchange rate moves?
When the deposit is paid, we can either agree that price or agree a flexible rate. This way you can have confidence the price is fixed or flexible as you wish.


Who handles the import taxes?
We do, depending upon terms agreed. Usually clients want the products delivered, in which case we handle duty fully. Other times clients may ask for ex-works, or FOB, in which case you the customer take those responsibilities.


Are the goods insured?


What if the product is wrong?
The whole reason for using us, is to ensure all goes smoothly. However, let's assume it doesn’t. We deal with companies who do the right job, and if something is wrong, then they will always make good. We do not deal with poor quality companies.


If something goes wrong, what usually is it?
It is nearly always down to the specification and understanding about that specification. Either from the supplier or customer. Such as “but everyone knows they always come with xxx” or “but I assumed they would always be xxx” I work with both client and supplier to stop mismatches, but if there is a risk, then it is where an assumption has happened, and is not clarified.


Do you work for the client?
Of course for the client, but also considering the supplier too. We look for long term business, and so relationships with both the suppliers and clients are important.



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