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Software Services & RFID

The UK is recognised as designing great software solutions.


There are many large system houses, where the price is fair but high. There are also many more smaller UK software houses which can work just as well for a more reasonable price with equal design ability.


If you are looking for bespoke software solutons, then English Products are perfect to help you get that system.


We start by ensuring that the specification is correct and compresensive enough, find an approropriate group of posible suppliers, and negotiate a reasonable price. We will then oversee update meetings, handle design changes, and ensure the delivery is on time.


English Products work with a number of UK Software Houses, and can enable you to get well designed software solutions.


Another area we work with are RFID solutions, where stock or merchandise needs to be tracked or recorded. English Products deal with the RFID tags, as well as the readers, and programing of these.